SHADES OF BLUE is an educational organization designed to help identify and prepare students for a career in aviation and aerospace.

America needs more students in the fields of aviation and aerospace, including aerospace engineers, pilots, educators and scientists.

As our aerospace and aviation workforce ages and retires, we are headed for a severe deficit of American professionals in these fields.

Shades of Blue is dedicated to sparking interest and assisting in the education and training of our youth to become our next generation of aviation and aerospace professionals.

To provide young people with the educational opportunities, training and employment assistance needed to pursue careers in the aviation and aerospace industries, and:

To assist educators with the development of curricula that will prepare students for careers in those industries.

Our success will be measured by tracking the progress of students from the time they express interest in aviation and aerospace careers throughout their educational experience to their eventual placement with an employer.

SHADES OF BLUE was conceived and created by a group of airline pilots, educators, and business people who have an interest in aviation and aerospace and who wish to help introduce students to the career opportunities available in the field of flight.

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