10 of the Most Incredible STEM Programs for Black Youths

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iUrbanTeen’s STEM Summit

iUrbanTeen’s STEM Summit is a unique program that not only focuses on introducing students to STEM careers and subjects but also gets them involved in the arts as well. The summits, which usually bring about 150 students together, helps students get hands-on experience in health care, environmental sciences, energy, transportation, cybersecurity, digital arts, mobile app development and more. The program’s website promises that the summits are not only educational and engaging but are also fun for the students involved. This not only helps keep them engaged during the summit but also dispels myths that STEM careers can’t be exciting or very creative.

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Washington STEM

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Washington STEM is a nonprofit venture fund dedicated to advancing innovation, equity, and excellence in STEM education. It supports breakthrough ideas and promising practices in STEM education both in and out of school, including forging new business-education partnerships that help bring STEM to life for students.

Washington STEM’s vision is that all students in Washington—regardless of gender, race, and ethnicity—receive a robust and inspiring education that prepares them for success in the 21st century.

Washington STEM
210 South Hudson Street Seattle WA 98134
(206) 658-4320
Year Established: 2011